Week 5 – Prince of Peace

Before you go any further- watch this video: https://www.mormon.org/
You’ll notice it has nothing to do with the LDS or the Mormons. It has everything to do with the reason why we celebrate Easter- the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
You may not be religious or you may very much be but there is one thing that we all have it common and that is the phrase “life is hard.” When Jesus Christ was sent down to this earth, he had one very specific purpose- to save us, help us, love us, lead us.
Life is hard and the trials we go through are not easy. Nor is it easy to recoup from those events but Jesus Christ felt those pains, afflictions, and sufferings you have felt. He never raised a sword, never took spoils, never defeated dragons but the one thing he defeated that no one else could or would was death. Jesus Christ is our ultimate example of finding peace through trials. When he was lifted up on the cross in agony, he focused on joy. Having peace knowing that when we leave this earth, we will be resurrected just as He was. He truly is our Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)
Real life experience of normal people experiencing their biggest trial and how there were able to find peace. I encourage you all to share one of these videos on facebook for me 🙂 You never know who is going to watch it and really need to hear it 🙂
I leave my testimony with you all that Jesus Christ is our brother, savior, redeemer. I cannot think of a greater love from a brother who took upon himself the pains and sins of the world just so we wouldn’t have to do it alone. I love what my savior has done for me but especially, I love the selfless act he has done for everyone that I love and adore.
I love you all:) Oh and it other news- I’ve officially been in Idaho for a month now 🙂
WE GOTS A CAR for a week! I am the driver #prayforme
Our District hiked Table Rock, ID
I’m official!
I named this bunny Auntie Cheyenne

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