MTC – Week 2

Hey Y’all!

So this will be my last email from Provo, Utah because Wednesday, March 1st I’ll be flying to Boise, Idaho!!!!! I’m SOOOO excited to get out on the field the practice what we’ve been taught to preach here at the MTC (missionary training center).

Here at the MTC we have something called the Training Resource Center (TRC) and there are real investigators/members that act so we can practice teaching lessons and stuff. One of our Investigators name is Peet. She’s from Thailand and is here in Provo learning English. I have no idea if she’s a member but my comp (companion) and I treat her as a real investigator. On Wed, my comp and I weren’t really feeling the spirit so we just kinda planned to read about baptism in 2 Nephi 31 with her. We already taught her The Restoration, The Plan of Salvation, and The Gospel of Jesus Christ so we were like why not. We had already challenged her to get baptized but she said she’ll pray about it. Anyways, we went in feeling super exhausted and drained but I decided to just listen to Peet for once and discover what her needs are and why she is meeting with the missionaries. I found out that she wants to develop faith but she doesn’t know how. Before I knew it, I grabbed my Book of Mormon and turned to Moroni 7 which talks about faith. I showed my comp and she nodded her head. We went in reading Moroni 7 and I can’t really remember the rest but it was an out of body experience because the Holy Ghost taught the ENTIRE lesson. I’m just kinda sitting there not knowing what’s going on and my mouth is speaking words but it’s not mine. All of the sudden Peet is about to cry and I’m like holy crap are we about to baptize this girl?! After the lesson I turn to my comp and said “yikes. what just happened?!” and she goes “sister. that was the spirit. I was just watching you amazed.”

I testify that baptism is the only way to access the fullness of The Atonement. After you get baptized you receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, who guides you, testifies to you the truthfulness of the gospel, and comforts you. It’s such a beautiful gift to have when life gets a little dreary. I know that this church is SO true and that missionary work is the work of God. That we are His instruments. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know you personally and they love you all dearly. They want you to find joy in this life and after this life. They want to you to continue on the strait and narrow path to the gate of Heaven to live with Him and your family forever.

Pretty short update but I will be replying to your individual emails shortly!

Sister De Vera

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